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Your Parents & Loved Ones

Collins & Collins Cares For Your Parents & Loved Ones

Collins & Collins Attorneys, LLC remains loyal to our core mission of helping construction workers in the building trades to achieve the best possible result when they are injured.  However, we are often approached by our clients and their friends asking how to care for elderly parents and relatives who are now residents in nursing home facilities.  As you may be aware, nursing home neglect and other similar issues are on the rise in our community and elsewhere in our country as the baby boom generation continues to age.  

At Collins & Collins, we can assist your loved ones and friends with issues related to nursing home care, such as bed sores, falling accidents, malnutrition issues, dehydration, medication errors, failure to properly assess residence, and insufficient staffing at facilities.

If you, a friend, or a loved one has questions regarding nursing home care, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Lancer, Esq. at 716-885-9700.