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Letter from Bill Collins

Letter From Bill Collins 

With the arrival of Labor Day, we are in the midst of an exciting time in Western New York.  The summer has been busy and productive.  Construction has been in high gear on more projects in Buffalo than we have all seen in decades.

Many of you or your loved ones spent much of your summer working on scaffolds, ladders, cranes, structural steel, boilers or other elevated work sites.  These are inherently dangerous places to work.  We recognize that every workers who puts on a hard hat places their well-being and life at risk.  We also know that all workers are entitled to special safety precautions under New York Law to insure the future of you and your family.

We take pride in knowing that our long history of representing injured workers has forced owners and contractors to spend time and money necessary to ensure workers' safety.  We are committed to continuing our mission by holding the companies responsible when they fail to provide a safe work place.

As you work full days and long hours, we will do the same to protect your interests and future.  Whether you are working on a construction site or here at Collins & Collins, great results on the job are the culmination of experience, skill and hard work.  The commitment and pride of a job well done is our common goal.  As always, we are here for your legal needs; if we can do anything to help you please let us know.

Bill Collins