Construction accidents and personal injuries have been our focus since 1957 – we know these cases. Our attorneys include union laborers who know job sites and how to investigate your case, and former insurance defense lawyers who know how to successfully fight the battles that insurers wage.


The issues you face after a workplace injury can be overwhelming: Will I lose my job? Can I afford medical care? What if I get worse? Can I take care of my family? We know what you’re dealing with and we’ve made it our personal mission to help secure your rights and your quality of life.


We are leaders in million + verdicts and settlements – and that’s no accident. Our in-depth knowledge of the New York Labor Laws and our relentless pursuit of justice leads to better treatment, bigger compensation, and brighter futures for our clients. We fight your case to win, and win big.

That’s why more working men and women trust Collins & Collins Attorneys.  We've been working hard for hardworking people for over 50 years

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